General Conditions

All reservations will be considered valid upon the payment of full or partial booking fee and receipt of the confirmation e-mail, as stated in CND Hospitality website. Charges are done immediately and on the same day of booking. The person that makes the reservations certifies that he/she is authorized of accepting the Terms and Conditions of this booking on behalf of every person listed in the booking form, including all that may be substituted or added later. This person must be one of the guests and over 21 years old. CND Hospitality reserves the right to cancel the booking if the remaining balance is not paid until the due date and to charge a cancelation fee to the guest. Check in is 4 p.m. and check out 11 a.m. Early check in and late check out are subject to availability and will be charged accordingly. All cancellation done within 10 days of arrival and within 30 days of arrival btetween 20 December and 3 January, 100% of the booking will be charged. The Osceola County requires CND Hospitality to collect a 13% tax fee over the rent cost and services provided.